Site policies

This page contains some legal stuff, statements that Unforget will hold on to, and that the site visitors are expected to hold on to as well.

Privacy policy

The privacy of the site visitors is very important to us, so we will keep is simple and transparent:

  • If you decide to purchase some of the paid stuff – you will be kindly asked to provide your email address. It will be linked to the payment transaction, only to be used in “I lost the keys” situation.
  • You may decide not to provide your email address, this will not stop the purchasing procedure.
  • If you decide to provide your email address, it will be used only in “I lost the keys” situations (you will be able to ask us to resend you the product keys by simply sending a message from that email address).
  • Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, nor disclosed to anyone else.
  • No personal data of any kind will ever be collected on this site.

Site contents

This site showcases the plugins for WordPress, designed and created by Unforget. Some of them are free to install and use, while others must be paid for. They are intended to be useful to the people (the paid ones also useful to the author), and are not meant to do any harm to anybody.

This site, and the products displayed on this site, may contain the work of other people. Up to now, this boils down to a number of pictures from the site pixabay, which are used to decorate the [Galdget plus+] frames and demos. It is important to know that these images are not sold as a part of the product. They may be delivered along with the product, but they remain free and indeed belong to pixabay. What you pay for, when you buy the proguct, is the functionality for displaying the images, and with it you may display the images from pixabay, other images, or (which we encourage) create and use your own original art.

How to buy

First, you may want to think the other way around:

How not to buy

For every paid product there is a free counterpart, with less functionality/esthetics. Please review the free option and see if it fits your requirements/needs/whiches. Identify the differences between free and paid version and estimate if they are worth the price. See if you can accomplish similar functionality some other (free) way.

If you decide to buy the product – please read the next section.

Before you buy

Plugins presented on this site work on WordPress, they can not exist without it. If you don’t have it, and you don’t have a blog – then you don’t need plugins and you should not buy them.

You can review every paid product on this site. You can see what it looks like, what it offers, how it works. You can compare it to its free counterpart. You may even ask questions before you buy it. So, we assume that you have enough means to estimate whether it suits you or not. Please do not buy it if you don’t need it or you don’t like it.

Also, please do not expect our assistance in choosing/creating/adjusting/editing/… pictures that you intent to use with our products. While we have good will to help in some situations, we can not commit to such activities as they are independent and urelated to our work, and ofthen cost a lot more that the product itself.

The purchasing procedure

There are only two pieces of information that you are expected to provide, and one of them is optional:

  • quantity: how many copies of the product you want to buy, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. If you want more – please contact us for the details.
  • your email address [optional]: if you provide it – it will be tied to the particular purchase, together with your product keys, and kept secret.

When you click on the “Purchase” button, you will be asked to choose one of the payment options available and proceed with the payment itself. The information that you provide in this part of the process is available only to the payment processor, and is processed according to their Terms and Conditions.

Product delivery

When the payment is processed successfully, you are sent back to this site to finish the purchase, i.e. to get what you paid for. Plugins are not tangible goods that sould be delivered to you by a regular mail. Instead, you get the link to the product archive, and you download it to your local folder.

For each product key purchased, you will get a product key and download link. This information will be presented to you, along with the payment reference, in the browser. It is up to you to store it, print it, email it to yourself, copy/paste it or save it in some other way, just make sure you save it and don’t loose it. If you provided an email address, the information will also be sent to this address in an email message.

With the download link you can download the product archive, and the product key is used to activate the product. You can do it again in the future as many times as you like, so you can always retrieve your product if you delete or loose it some other way.

If you loose your download keys and links, you can ask us to resend them to you, to the same email address you provided at the beginning of the purchase procedure. The procedure is simple, you send us the email message from the address you provided when purchasing the product, and we resend the keys to you to the same address. If you did not provide the email address on purchase, and you don’t present the purchase details, payment reference and similar data – you may not be able to get your product keys and links, so please either provide the email address or keep your keys safe.

Payment options

The payments on this site are processed by 2checkout. All options available are provided by them, and all information that you provide during payment procedure are available only to them. You don’t need to worry about security or privacy on their part, they are PCI Level 1 compliant. On payment completion, Unforget site receives only the notification on payment success/failure and payment reference.

I lost my keys

It is not impossible that you somehow loose the product keys. If you would need to reinstall your product then – you will not be able to activate it. In such situation, you should contact us, and provide the information that you have about your product.

If you gave us the email address when you purchased the product – then it would be easy, all you would need to do is send us a message from that email address saying “I lost my keys”. By the address the mail has come from, we could locate your product keys and download links, and send them back to you to this same address.

If you did not give us your email address on purchase, you will have to provide enough information so we could locate your purchase, and make sure it’s really you. Payment transaction reference and/or exact date and time of payment transaction would be of great help, and you may be able to find them in your credit cards statement. If you have no solid information – you may be left without your product, so please make sure you save the keys and other information, and not loose it.

Money back terms

We are putting a lot of effort in presenting the paid product to this site visitors in full detail, you can see the product performance in various examples, there are descriptions, explanations, tutorials… In other words, you get a pretty good insight of what you are purchasing, before you actually purchase it. The list of compatible versions of WordPress is also available, so you can see if it fits your installation. There are also hints of other options, apart from purchasing the product.

If you, against all the above, decided to purchase the product, and changed your mind afterwards, cancelling the purchase and bringing your money back will not be easy. The price that you paid is, well, not a lot of money, and reversing the transaction would ofthen cost more than you paid for the product itself.

You can get your money back if the product does not work on your environment, provided that your WordPress version is within the scope of compatible versions for the product, and support was unable to get it working.


Support is offered via email. When you install the product, either free or paid, you will be able to open the in-product help screen, and use one of the links provided, typically:

  • Ask a question
  • Send bug report
  • Send feedback

This will open your mail client, with the email address and subject already set up, so you will only have to fill in the information you want to send to us.

Support is expected to provide the response within maximum three days (normally much sooner).

Contact information

You can contact us by mail, on one of the following addresses:

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