How to set up a gallery of web pages instead of images

Why not display web pages instead of images in the gallery? Or web pages and images together? It is possible and easy with [Galdget] and [Galdget plus+] WordPress plugins.

You can read how to set up the plugin here (free) or here (premium).

As the gallery items, you may enlist either ULRs to images or to web pages, they will both be displayed correctly.

Here is an example:

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Galdget plus+ gallery frame


Please be warned that:

  • Not all web sites will allow to be displayed within the gallery. Actually, most of them will refuse to be embedded into another web page, so you will see a plain white nothing instead of web page. Choose them carefully.
  • Some web pages have a lot of moving content on them. This may slow your browser down and make your site appear slow and shaky.
  • Some web pages may annoy visitors with popups, redirects and similar manace.
  • Some web sites may react to plugins and various security settings. Since plugins and browser settings are in the hands of your visitors, they may see some web pages differently than you see them, e.g. they may get the “please switch Adblock off” instead of the content that they are displaying regularly.
  • If your blog is on https, do not enlist sites (as well as images) that are on plain http, they will be banned by the browser and your visitors will not see them. They are likely to get the secutiry warning instead, something like “The site you are visiting is attempting…” This may leave bad impression about your site which, however secure may be, is feeding the visitors browser with insecure links.

So be careful when using other web pages in your gallery.