[Galdget] Embedding and recursion

Embedding is the situation in which our blog page or post is an item in someone else’s gallery. Then we say we are embedded.

Or, the other way around, if we put a friendly blog’s URL into our URL list, then this friendly blog is embedded into our gallery.

Unfortunately, we cannot control web pages that we embed in our galleries, so all we can do is enable or disable the display of our galleries when other people embed them in their sites.

Now the tricky situation: If our friendly blog has embedded our blog into its gallery, and we embed our friendly blog into our gallery, then we will have a gallery item which is embedding our blog which, again, has embedded the friendly blog which, again, has embedded our blog… If browsers don’t manage to detect and stop this recursion – it may overload and freeze the visitor’s browser and the whole computer. Also, our blog will have large number of requests, which is not so very good.

So, embedding is not a good practice, unless we know what we are doing. That is, unless the site that is embedding our blog is not on our URL list, directly or indirectly.

On the other hand, we can safely enable it if our gallery displays only pictures, and we want our widget or shortcode displayed on our friend’s blog.

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