[Galdget] 5 minute setup

If you want to see your galleries right away – here is the shortest path to it:

  1. Install and activate [Galdget] plugin
    1. Log into administrator panel
    2. Navigate to Plugins
    3. Click the “Add New” button
    4. Type “Galdget” in the search text box
    5. Click the “Install Now” button in the Galdget box in search results
    6. Navigate to Plugins
    7. Click “Activate” in [Galdget] section
  2. Set up some URLs
    1. Navigate to Settings / Galdget
    2. Provide a list similar to this one, hopefully with your own links: Galdget url setup screen Make sure you have at least one item with group 0 and some items with groups 1 and 2.
    3. Click the “Save” button
  3. Set up a widget
    1. Navigate to Appearance / Widgets
    2. Drag the rectangle “Galdget” into one of the widget areas on the right
    3. Unfold it and set it up like this (maybe the “Height” will have to be different): Galdget widget setup form
    4. Click the “Save” button
    5. You can repeat the above steps with one more widget with group 2 and different frame
  4. Put it on a post or page
    1. Click on “Pages” or “Posts” and then on “Edit” below one of the pages/posts shown
    2. Somewhere in the page/post text, where appropriate, put the following shortcode text:
      [galdget width=600 height=350 group=2 animation=ocw buttons=nonstop]
    3. If you like, you can put another one somewhere else:
      [galdget width=400 height=400 group=1 images=fill animation=ocw buttons=nonstop]
  5. Enjoy… The widget(s) should be visible on all blog pages, and the post or page that you enriched with shortcode should also display a gallery or two on it.
  6. Read the rest of the instructions here and make it better than this.

Here is what I get when following the above instructions

The widget (it would normally appear in the widget area):

Galdget plus+ gallery image

First shortcode:

Galdget plus+ gallery image

Second shortcode:

Galdget plus+ gallery image